The Ultimate Hotelier's Guide to Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations continue to expand into all aspects of human society, which applies increasing pressure on hoteliers to vigilantly work toward maintaining a bed bug-free facility. 

In the 'Ultimate Hotelier's Guide to Bed Bugs,' you'll learn:

  • Discover the Top Reasons Bed Bugs have Returned with a Vengeance and Why Hotels are at such High Risk!
  • How to Prevent or properly handle bed bug "scenarios" through the use of written procedures and training instructions that your staff can follow
  • Bed Bug behavior and common control tools and protocols
  • The Direct and Indirect Costs associated with Bed Bugs
  • The Legal Implications of Bed Bugs
  • Nine (9) Tips for creating Your own Bed Bug Complaint Action Plan
  • The Best approach for Reducing Bed Bug control costs and Protecting Brand Reputation
  • Eight (8) specific examples for designing a Bed Bug-free room and more! 

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